Aapo Heinonen Quintet - Tara (recording, mixing, mastering)

Marja Ahlsved - Herra Kuu (mastering)

Sonja Virtanen Quartet - Vim And Vigor (recording, mixing and mastering)

SAM - Don´t Leave (mixing and mastering)

Tjango! - Blues and Greens (mixing and mastering)

Z League - To Monica (studio live) (recording, mixing and mastering)

01360 - Raccauden Corolla - EP (mixing and mastering)

Nat Newborn  - Red Hot Christmas (2015) (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

Decapitation - There Are Rules feat. Redrama (2015) (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

Seeli Toivio - Grand Pop (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

Seeli Toivio: "The Swan" Arrangement by Seeli Toivio from Saint-Saens 'The Swan' for cello and piano. Included in Seeli Toivio's album "Grand Pop".

Maratone Quintet - Finding The Way (Recording and Mixing)

Heads And Tales - Looking For An Answer (Recording and Mixing)

H_T_kansi looking.png

Alhos - Alhos (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)

Aapo Heinonen Quintet - Healing Flows (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)


Frida - Rubiini (Recording, Mixing and Mastering)